What is CIASS?

CIASS (Cross-Impact Analysis & Simulation Software) is a powerful tool for generation and analyzing scenarios. CIASS supports decision making in high uncertainty and changing contexts. CIASS is useful for supporting decisions such as:

  • Which is the probability of success of a new product?
  • Which are the most relevant threats to our company?
  • Which are the best actions / policies for our company performance?
  • Which are the critical success factors for project management?

CIASS is based on the well known Cross-Impact Analysis methodology. CIASS is the first software based on analytical approach proposed by Dr. Turoff and extended by Dr. Bañuls and Dr. Hiltz. This approach is based on physic principles and it was developed specifically for restructuring the cross impact formalisms in a manner suitable for use in an interactive computer terminal. The results of this fundamental research have been validated and published in some of the most scientific prestigious journals of the field, such as TFSC or Futures.

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